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openfree Admiral Yi Sunshin portal

This site is an openfree wiki site to store all the available information on Yi Sun Shin for the purpose of recording and researching his life.

Yi Sunshin is the greatest war general ever appeared in human history. He is perhaps one the most critical individuals who affected the human history so profoundly. Why?

Who is admiral Yi Sunshin?(이순신장군)

Detailed results of the battles

About translating his name into English:

■  Yi Sunshin relics

■  Yi Sunsin's life tells us not to complain about our lives

Yi Sunshin's life | Quotes on Yi Sunshin | The Yi sunshin ways | Yi sunshin's writing
Major battles of Yi Sunshin

People who mentioned and evaluated Yi Sunshin

Places of Yi Sunshin
Reference on Yi Sunsihn

Yi Sunshin books

Technical details of the war

External Links
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Tracking Yi Sunsin
Korean Suveneir shop Korean Hero's Yi Sunsin pages





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